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Gdynia as a Tourist Spot

Though Gdynia is a relatively modern city, it is still an attractive tourist destination. Its major tourist attractions are as as follows:   The ORP Blyskawica Destroyer and the Dar Pomorza Tall Ship are two museum ships anchored at the Gdynia seaport. The former served in the Polish Navy during World War II and was [...]

The Historic Port of Gdynia

Gdynia, a part of the Tri-City conurbation, used to be a small fishing village. From the 14th to the 18th centuries it belonged to the Cistercian Order in Oliwa. However, it was not always a part of Poland. From 1309 to 1466 Gdynia was conquered by the Teutonic Order. Then, till [...]

Sighteeseeing Gdansk-Oliwa

Oliwa is not only a town of historical significance, but it is an attractive tourist spot as well. It is mosty noted for its Gothic Post-Cistercian complex which consists of the Cathedral, the Monastery, the New Abbots' Palace, the Abbots' Granary, the Monastery gardens and the Water Forge. However, there are [...]

Gdansk Oliwa Part of European History

Oliwa, though situated about 9 km away from the centre of Gdansk, has been its district since 1926. In the past, however, Oliwa used to be a separate village whose origins go back as far as the year 1186 when Sambor, Pomeranian Prince, brought the Cistercian monks from Kolbacz near Szczecin [...]

Sopot as a Renowned Spa Resort

With its magnificent geographical location and a well-developed tourism infrastructure, Sopot has always been a fashionable resort. The late-19th and early-20th-century aristocrats and artists from all over the world were attracted to the spa by the city's baths and the seaside air. Later further attractions like the horse racing track and the [...]

Sopot - the Pearl of the Baltic Sea

Sopot, with its safe and clean sandy beaches stretching along 4.5 km, is the most famous of all Baltic southern coast seaside resorts. Since World War II it has been the cultural centre of the Tri-City which attracts tourists with its Sopot International Song Festival. But Sopot has more to offer to [...]

Outlying Attractions of Gdansk

the former Lenin Shipyard   Another part of Gdansk worth seeing is situated further from the centre. It is the Gdansk Shipyard – the relic of the Soviet era. Until the 1980s it was known as the Lenin Shipyard. Though it is of no artistic merit, the Gdansk Port is of great historical [...]

The Old Suburb and the Isles

Another part of Gdansk, though not so rich in gabled houses and impressive mansions as the Main City, is the Old Suburb and the Isles. It used to abound in granaries and industrial buildings. In the 15th century Gdansk was ranked second to Amsterdam as a maritime centre for grain trade. However, most [...]

Top Sights of the Gdansk Old Town

Heading east from the Main City is the Old Town, where both historic and modern buildings can be found nowadays. Situated along the Radunia Canal built in 1338, this part of Gdansk used to be the energy supply base for the whole industry of the city. Worth a look is the [...]

Sightseeing the Main City of Gdansk

The centrepieces of Gdansk are mainly located in the Main City where such historical monuments as the City Hall, St. Mary's Church and Artus Court can be seen. The City Hall and Artus Court are considered to be the most significant lay buildings of the Main City. Both are situated along [...]

Things to do in Gdansk

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Map of Gdansk

Map of Gdansk

Gdansk Map | Map of Gdansk Poland

Plan your trip with our interactive Gdansk Map section. Major routes through and around Gdansk city.

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