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Heineken Opener Festival

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Heineken Open’er – the festival of great music, memorable performances and joyful audience

Phenomenal sounds...

For three days the military airfield Babie Doly, on the outskirts of Gdynia is transformed into a huge concert area and witnesses a stunning spectacle of music...
During three days thousands of music fans flock to the festival grounds to immerse themselves in the world of phenomenal sounds and experience the legendary atmosphere of the Open’er. With a variety and high artistic quality of performances, the festival satisfies fans and music connoisseurs of many kinds.

Heineken Opener Festival Gdynia Poland

Legendary atmosphere...

The Open’er provides unforgettable emotions and those who took part in the festival once want to experience its friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere again.

Brilliant concerts...

The organizers of the festival invite both popular and original artists, and high guality of the performances is guaranteed! Open’er has starred famous music names like Placebo, Massiv Attack, Fatboy Slim, Underworld, Manu Chao, Bjork, Muse and many others, who gave memorable shows for cheering and jumping crowds.

Revelation on the European music festival scene

Apart from being the most important music event of its kind in Poland, Open’er ejnoys a growing prestige on the European music festival scene and ranks among the best music events on the continent.

Well, can one really describe music or atmosphere?.....just go, listen and experience for yourself!

Facts and information

  • Open’er Festival has been held annually since 2003. For the first time it was organized in Warsaw in 2002 as Open Air Festival.
  • Each year about 100,000 people visit the festival grounds.
  • Open’er presents a wide selection of music genres including rock, alternative rock, electronic music, hip-hop, jazz, experimental, electro house, ambient music etc.
  • The festival boasts a perfect organization, order and safety. Its grounds feature a big guarded campsite, car parks, sanitary facilities, numerous stalls with food. The festival area is divided into separate zones: concert, catering, camping and sanitary. There are free shuttle buses from the city to the festival grounds.
  • This year’s festival is held on 4 – 6 July. Among others it will feature Chemical Brothers, Sex Pistols, Massive Attack and Erykah Badu.

For more information visit the festival’s website at:

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