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Business Opportunities in Pomorskie voivodship

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Pomeranian Voivodeship (Polish: województwo pomorskie) should preferably be translated as the Pomerania province, as it is a voivodeship (administrative region) in northern Poland within the historic region of Eastern Pomerania.

Gdańsk, in the center of the province, forms part of the Tricity of Sopot, Gdańsk and Gdynia. Also part of the province is the narrow Hel Peninsula. Well-known tourist destinations include Sopot, Jurata, Łeba, Władysławowo, Puck, Krynica Morska, Ustka, Jastarnia, Rozewie and Kuźnica, with many fishing ports and lighthouses.

Capital City
18,293 sq. km
Number of Citizens:
- In Urban areas:
2,201.1 thousand
Special Economic Zones
Pomorska SEZ
Slupsk SEZ
Regional Investor Assistance Centre
International airport
Gdańsk - Rębiechowo Lech Wałęsa Airport

Attributes of the District

  • Diversified economy;
  • Developed SME sector;
  • The tri-city metropolitan area (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot) is one of Poland's main centres of economic growth, and an important transportation junction;
  • Maritime location;
  • Presence of high-tech industries;
  • Strong agricultural potential of the Żuławy region;
  • Young, well-educated labour force;
  • Large and differentiated raw material resource base;
  • Export capacities of the shipbuilding industry;
  • Attractive region for tourism.
  • Economic Potential

Selected foreign investors, who have invested above $1 million in Poland, In the region:

  • Volvo AB - automotive
  • Michael Leier - other non-metal goods
  • Saint-Gobain - glass manufacturing
  • IPC - pulp and paper
  • Delphi Automotive System - automotive
  • Hydro Central Europe - fabrics and textiles
  • General Electric Corporation - banking
  • Belvedere - food processing
  • Schieder Europa - furniture
  • Kappa Packaging - pulp and paper  


According to official statistics of GUS the average employment in the enterprise sector from I to III quarter of 2006 amounted to 252,734 people.

Regional employment amounted to:

  • in manufacturing industry: 139,278 people
  • in building and construction: 18,152 people
  • in business and repairs: 40,891 people
  • in Real estate and business: 22,097 people
  • in hotels and catering: 3,912 people

According to given data the average gross monthly pay within the term of the first three quarters of 2006 amounted to:

  • in manufacturing industry: 2,649.75 PLN
  • in building and construction: 2,498.10 PLN

The unemployment rate in the region (as of 30.12.2006 r.) is at the level of 16.0 %, which represents 130.2 thousand registered unemployed. 



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